It all started in 2016 during a round-the-world trip when Brian, co-founder of FairTrip Impact, was struck to find out how tourism in developing countries was only benefiting a few while the local population didn’t appear to get any improvements in its quality of life.

That’s how the idea of the FairTrip app was born: use the power of new technologies as a force for good, allowing anyone to have a positive impact, wherever they go, by directly supporting local community initiatives.


Over the long term, our objective is to transform the tourism industry into a lever of inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well as a vector of world poverty reduction.

We also think that by bringing cultures together, tourism can promote mutual understanding and help to consolidate peace in the world.


We believe in a fair and sustainable tourism. 

Together, let’s change the world while traveling!

Our mission

FairTrip Impact aims to support sustainable, fair and solidarity tourism initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact on the local community, everywhere in the world. Here are FairTrip Impact's main missions:

Empower local communities to take advantage of the economic benefits of tourism, wherever they are in the world, while preserving their cultural identity and local heritage. 

Accompany the emergence of local community tourism projects with a culturally, socially and environmentally positive impact anywhere in the world.

Support and encourage culturally, socially and environmentally positive local economic development through tourism.

Give free visibility to those local initiatives on the FairTrip app, whether they are village accommodations, family restaurants, or local activities.