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FairTrip Impact is a non-profit organization which aims to promote sustainable, fair and solidarity tourism, by promoting the emergence and supporting the development of tourism projects enabling local economic development, vector of positive social and environmental impact, particularly in developing countries.


The tourism industry accounts for 10% of global GDP. FairTrip Impact's goal is to contribute to make tourism a lever for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, a vector of world poverty reduction.


What we do

- Empower local communities to take advantage of the economic benefits of tourism, wherever they are in the world, while preserving their cultural identity and local heritage. 

- Accompany the emergence of local community tourism projects with a culturally, socially and environmentally positive impact anywhere in the world.

Support and encourage culturally, socially and environmentally positive local economic development through tourism.

- Give free visibility to those local initiatives on the FairTrip app, whether they are village accommodations, family restaurants, or local activities.

Making each trip count

We believe everyone can contribute in having a positive social and environmental local impact, wherever we go. 


It as simple as choosing the right place to stay, like a village accommodation, a small family restaurant, or solidarity experiences who give back to the local community. 

With FairTrip, we want to put those initiatives forward so you can make the right choice, and support them directly during your travels. 

Choosing places





For their positive impact







The tourism industry accounts for 10% of global GDP.

Our goal is to turn it into a driver for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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